The Alianza-Mayer Scholarship is awarded to a doctoral student in early June of odd-numbered years for study at the Denver Art Museum. It consists of travel expenses, lodging and a $1000 stipend with two weeks of access to the Museum’s New World collection. For 2017 we are requesting proposals from candidates who will focus on illuminated prints from the Museum’s Spanish Colonial collection.  Interested candidates should send the following application materials:

  • Name, phone number, and mailing and email addresses
  • A cover letter, explaining how access to the collection will further progress toward the degree
  • Two faculty letters of reference

Please feel free to print and distribute the 2017 flyer.

Send all materials by March 1, 2017 to

   Denver Art Museum
   Alianza de las Artes Americanas
   Attn: Michele Salisbury, Awards Chair
   100 West 14th Avenue Parkway
   Denver, CO 80204-2788

Please call 720.913.0173 for possibility of deadline extension.

2017-2018 Emily Floyd, Ph.D candidate (Tulane) Doctoral research focuses on religious prints made in Lima, Peru.

2015-2016 Leslie Todd, Ph.D candidate (University of Florida, Gainesvillle).
Doctoral research focuses on Ecuadorian creche figures.

2013-2014 Roxanne Mamet, Ph.D candidate (Universite Sorbonne Nouvelle). Doctoral research focuses on the influence of European art on Andean colonial painting.

2013-2014 Cara Tremain, Ph.D candidate (University of Calgary). Doctoral research focuses on dress and social identity of the ancient Maya explored through examination of Late Classic period polychrome ceramics.

2011-2012 Andrew Hamilton, Ph.D candidate (Harvard University). Doctoral research focuses on pre-Columbian studies and more specifically Andean textiles.

2009-10 Sara Ryu, Ph.D candidate (Yale University). Doctoral research focuses on the question of indigenous authorship in the art of New Spain.

2008-09 Sonia Ocaña Ruiz, Ph.D candidate (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico). Doctoral research focuses on enconchados, mother-of-pearl inlaid paintings.

2007-08 Lauren Kilroy, Ph.D. candidate (UCLA). Doctoral research focuses on the sacred heart in Spanish colonial art.

2006-07 Paula Winn, Ph.D. candidate (Virginia Commonwealth University). Doctoral research focuses on Ecuadorian stone mortars from the Valdivia and Chorrera cultures.

*For an update on our past Alianza-Mayer Scholars see the Novedades Newsletter, Spring 2010, page 8.